A Talk and Tasting with mak-‘amham & Claudia Serrato

Active Cultures, in partnership with sister organization Clockshop, was pleased to present a critical conversation and tasting with Vincent Medina and Louis Trevino of mak-‘amham/Cafe Ohlone, alongside culinary anthropologist Claudia Serrato. This gathering created a space to reflect upon the pre-colonial palate, future forward land and agricultural practices, and cultivate a more cognizant, decolonial approach to consumption. Claudia joined Louis and Vincent in a discussion exploring taste-memory and the ways the palate is shaped by colonial infringements. Through this conversation and communal tasting, this program provided a multi-sensorial experience which highlights specific indigenous ingredients and cooking techniques, allowing taste, smell, and memory to invoke the speculative possibilities of survival and revitalization.

About the Artists

Vincent Medina is East Bay Ohlone and is the captain of ‘Itmay Cultural Association—an association of Verona Band culture bearers. Vincent was born and lives in his family’s indigenous tribal area of Halkin (Southern Oakland/San Leandro/San Lorenzo/Hayward). Vincent and Louis Trevino (Rumsen Ohlone) co-founded mak-‘amham, an organization and restaurant focused...
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Claudia Serrato
Claudia Serrato is an Indigenous culinary anthropologist, a public scholar, a doctoral candidate, and a professor of ethnic studies and will serve as the Project Advisor for the series. Since 2014 Claudia has been actively involved in the Native food justice and sovereignty movement and has been cooking alongside prominent...
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About our Partner

Clockshop works with artists to deepen the connection between communities and public land, in order to build a shared vision of a future based in belonging and care.

As a Los Angeles-based arts and culture nonprofit, Clockshop produces free public programming and commissions contemporary artist projects on public land to better connect Angelenos to the land we live on.


This Active Cultures program was made possible with generous support from the Active Cultures Board of Directors; the Gatherers Annual Fund; the Wilhelm Family Foundation; the California Arts Council; California Humanities; and the Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts.

Event Details

DATE: September 18, 2022

LOCATION: Clockshop


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