Digest was Active Cultures’ founding publishing program: a steady collection of dispatches from our collaborators near and far

Jacques de Longuyon, Les voeux du paon. Belgium, Tournai, ca. 1340-50. Morgan Library & Museum, MS G.24, fols. 43v, 44r, 52r.

Eden Batki, How Would I Have You Taste Hungary / Eating Alone Part Two. Courtesy of Eden Batki

Charlie Chaplin, A Woman of Paris, 1923. Film stills. Copyright © Roy Export SAS.

Screengrabs from MessyWorld videos. Retrieved from

Across 14 issues, Digest published recipes, poetry, videos, and short essays from an online nexus of artists, curators, historians, cooks, and more from LA and beyond. Each contribution explores themes from seed-keeping to reciprocity, music to memories. Andrea Gyorody was Digest’s Founding Editor, and the final four issues we guest-edited by quori theodor, Safia Siad, Ferron Salniker, and Nneka Jackson.

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