Food Material: Julio César Morales with Rita Gonzalez and Joseph Mosconi

For the third installment of this series, artist and curator Julio César Morales connected with curator Rita Gonzalez and writer Joseph Mosconi to discuss Julio’s artistic practice and current projects. Julio often considers food as both material and inspiration in his work and has collaborated with both Rita and Joseph on past projects. Through his food-based public performances and by what he calls “eating history,” Julio offers meals as inquiries into the complicated histories of land, politics, and culture. Julio, Rita, and Joseph are longtime friends and colleagues, and this conversation brings them together in the midst of Covid and a changing landscape for artistic production to talk about what inspires Julio’s projects, eating as practice, and how sound and poetry shape a meal.

About the Artists

Joseph Mosconi
Joseph Mosconi is a writer and taxonomist based in Los Angeles. He co-directs the Poetic Research Bureau and is the author of several books, including Ashenfolk (Make Now Books, 2019), Fright Catalog (Insert Blanc Press, 2013), Demon Miso/Fashion In Child (Make Now Books, 2014), Renaissance Realism (Gauss PDF, 2016), and,...
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Rita Gonzalez
Rita Gonzalez is the Terri and Michael Smooke Curator and Department Head of Contemporary Art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art where she has curated Phantom Sightings: Art after the Chicano Movement; Asco: Elite of the Obscure; Lost Line: Contemporary Art from the Collection; Agnés Varda in Californialand,...
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Julio César Morales
Julio César Morales is an artist, educator, and curator. Julio is currently a curator at ASU Art Museum. He was also recently awarded the Joan Mitchell Foundation Painters and Sculptors Grant. His artwork consistently explores issues of labor, memory, surveillance technologies, and identity strategies. Morales teaches and creates art in...
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About the Series

Food Material was an ongoing series among many of AC’s programs that will begin online until in-person programs are once again viable—all to explore how foodways provide a window into our most fundamental beliefs about cultural expression, equity, environmental sustainability, and ourselves.


Food Material was made possible in part through the generous support of the Active Cultures Board of Directors; Founders Circle members Mehran and Laila Taslimi; and the Wilhelm Family Foundation.

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DATE: October 16, 2020



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