TJ Shin: Food Material for The Garden

Food Material with TJ Shin, 2022.

The Garden begins with a live episode of Food Material featuring artist TJ Shin. In this online performance lecture, Shin discusses their recent projects and upcoming work, which contest the Euro-American ecological imagination through constructed and disruptive micro-ecologies. Exploring the various nexuses between the human and the more-than-human, Shin destabilizes the boundaries between the natural and synthetic, regenerative potential and generative modes of life, and subject and object. Their work asks us to consider: how do these governing binaries categorize ways of being? How have imperial structures demarcated being alive and being human? Through the historical context of the imperial garden, Shin begins to locate these matters of life and death through their work and the various lines drawn between vegetative and vegetation.

About the Artist

TJ Shin
TJ Shin (b. 1993) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles. Inspired by decentralized ecologies and queer sociality, they create living installations and imagine an ever-expanding self that exists beyond the boundaries of one’s skin. Shin has exhibited internationally at the Queens Museum, Lewis Center for the Arts, Roots...
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About the Series

This project is part of The Garden, a research-based and artist-led guide to explore, experience, and experiment with the ecological imagination and speculative transfiguration of the “garden.”


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DATE: March 10, 2022



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