Meech Boakye: Research Poems

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DATE: 2022 and ongoing




Meech Boakye, Research Poems Chapter 2, 2023.

Meech Boakye, Research Poems Chapter 2, 2023.

Meech Boakye, Research Poems Chapter 2, 2023.

Meech Boakye’s Research Poems is a digital garden and artist project that will grow and flourish through four seasons. Over the next year, Boakye will investigate four different plants, foraged and gardened, in DIY cheese-making experiments. Beginning with Stinging Nettle and an introduction to foraging, each plant-centered chapter is grounded in transdisciplinary research shaped by the artist’s real-time exploration of the metonymic relationship between the digital and the non-digital. As the project continues, they will tend to this garden with notes from the field; poems written collaboratively with AI; recipes; sonic outpourings; and more. Herein, Boakye explores how gardens can offer a framework for cultivating experimental knowledge systems, embedded in the fragmented and temporal. Together these shifting parts generate a kind of “commons,” an assemblage of the digital, the speculative, and the ecological, to be explored with each visit to the garden.

Commissioned by Active Cultures as part of its ongoing series The Garden, Boakye’s Research Poems lives online and will be complemented with the artist’s occasional takeover of AC’s Instagram Story Residency throughout the year.

About the Artist

Meech Boakye
Meech Boakye (Hon. B.A. in Visual Studies from the University of Toronto) is an artist and writer currently based in Portland, Oregon. Their practice is rooted in relationships with floral, fungal, and microbial kin as armatures for learning how to be in community. Material research functions as a formal conduit...
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About the Series

This project is part of The Garden, a research-based and artist-led guide to explore, experience, and experiment with the ecological imagination and speculative transfiguration of the “garden.” 


Credits: Active Cultures programs are made possible with generous support from the Active Cultures Board of Directors; the Gatherers Annual Fund; the Wilhelm Family Foundation; the California Arts Council; California Humanities; and the Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts.