On Indigo & Rice: Food Material with Charmaine Bee

As part of the three-part series On Indigo & Rice, Charmaine Bee and Active Cultures’ Anna Cho-Son discuss Bee’s artistic delineation of the legacies of indigo and rice, navigating through physical and spiritual landscapes the ways in which indigo and rice are remembered and forgotten, transformed and altered. The two explore the parallel histories of indigo and rice cultivation across the Pacific and Atlantic—sites spanning physical and spiritual landscapes—and the labor, love, and politics of pattern and design and the ways in which these materials inform Bee’s recent textile, video, and sculptural work.

About the Artist

Charmaine Bee
Charmaine Bee uses mediums such as video, movement, sculpture, writing, sound and textile and makes work about Gullah heritage and the histories and manifestations of African diaspora spirituality. Charmaine works with materials harvested in the Sea Islands of the United States during the era of slavery, such as rice and...
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About the Series

On Indigo & Rice is a three-part series of public programs guided by artists Charmaine Bee and Candice Lin. Across a workshop, conversation, and residency, this program series highlights indigo and rice for their parallel historical contexts and transformations across the Atlantic and Pacific


Active Cultures programs are made possible through the generous support of the Active Cultures Board of Directors; the Gatherers Annual Fund; and California Humanities. This program was also supported in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency.

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DATE: October 6, 2021



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