Story Residency with Paige Emery

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DATE: June 17 – 22, 2024




Paige Emery, courtesy of the artist

As part of our ongoing work with Paige Emery, the artist takes over our Instagram as our Summer 2024 Story Resident! Follow Paige June 17–22, as we anticipate her fall project with Active Cultures, in partnership with The Brick and Arlington Garden. We’ll share more soon!

Paige’s practice with plants engages ritual as a communal language with the Earth, a process of rehabituation that resonates with Earthly cycles so that we may better listen to the Earth and coexist. She has been crafting plant remedies that work with ancestral knowledge to aid in transforming between worlds, and sculptural paintings made just the same, with plants of folk medicine and ceremonial food traditional to her Filipino ancestry. As she shares her practice of tuning in with Earthly cycles, her residency revolves around the Summer Solstice, where the Northern Hemisphere’s maximum tilt towards the sun marks the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. 

Each story takeover invites artists to share their research, process, travels, and more with our friends in LA and beyond. Past residencies are archived in our Instagram highlights and include colectivo amasijo, Meech Boakye, Charmaine Bee, Rikkí Wright, Juan William Chavez, Sarah Rara, Niki Nakazawa, David Horvitz, Spiral Theory Test Kitchen, and Jessica Wang. Past residencies are archived in our Instagram highlights. 

About the Artist

Paige Emery
Paige Emery is an artist, herbalist and plant dreamer exploring rituals of remembering the Earth. Her work is interested in interweaving healing rituals and critical ecology, ancestral memory and embodied futurities, ecopoetics and socioenvironmental praxis. Stemming from a background in art, herbalism, critical ecophilosophy, environmental activism, and learning from the...
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Active Cultures’ programs this year are made possible through the generous support of its Board of Directors; the Gatherers Annual Fund; the Los Angeles Visual Arts (LAVA) Coalition; the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture as part of Creative Recovery LA, an initiative funded by the American Rescue Plan; and by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Department of Arts and Culture.