Witch’s Kitchen Archive Part 1: V is for Kaleidoscope

Image essay for Valeska Gert by Shana Lutker

The Witch’s Kitchen Archive is a series of visual poems: alongside, and mirroring Lutker’s research process and practice, the series of photos and text pays homage to the life and work of Valeska Gert and explores the history of underground and exile performance in Los Angeles.

About the Artist

Shana Lutker
Shana Lutker is a Los Angeles-based artist. Shaped by the archives of psychoanalysis and surrealism, her interdisciplinary work in sculpture, performance, writing, and installation foregrounds an unstable relationship between subjects, memory, and history. Recent exhibitions include Current LA:FOOD, the LA public art triennial; Virginia Woolf: an exhibition inspired by her...
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Witch‘s Kitchen was made possible through the generous support of the Active Cultures Board of Directors; Founders Circle members Mehran and Laila Taslimi; and the Wilhelm Family Foundation.

Event Details

DATE: October 30, 2020



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