At the Table: Robin Koda & Minh Phan

For the third installment of At the Table, Active Cultures was pleased to host Robin Koda of Koda Farms, along with Minh Phan of PHENAKITE and porridge + puffs, for a very special live conversation online. To close our year of programs, longtime friends and collaborators Robin and Minh came together to discuss their respective practices on the farm and in the kitchen. They pay particular attention to various notions of controlled burning, as they consider the mirror processes of good fire in their fields and the ways they bring their relationships with our surrounding landscape into ingredients and dishes. Together these methods, ingredients, and histories inform the farmer and chef’s understandings of balance, holistic systems, and well-being as a way of honoring collective cultural and ecological heritage.

The conversation was followed by a Q&A discussion.

About the Artists

Minh Phan
Minh Phan approaches cooking and feeding people as a way of honoring the never-ending flux of natural environments and holistic ecosystems. Minh’s commitment to changing how we view and interact with food, dining, sustainability, and our environment drives the intention and passion she possesses to pursue her culinary practice as...
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Robin Koda
Robin Koda grew up playing on the family farm and walking rice paddy levees to find birds’ nests and catch crayfish. Today, as a co-owner/operator of Koda Farms, the oldest vertically integrated rice farm and mill in California, she describes her mission as enlightening people about the nuances and richly-storied...
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About the Series

At the Table was an ongoing series organized by Bianca Morán, of conversations among cooks, activists, artists, historians, farmers, and scholars that address critical issues in foodways. With each invitation, our guests convene to push forward thoughtful and timely discourse and to interrogate the ways in which food is produced, consumed, circulated, prepared, and represented. This program considers what it means to liberate our consumption and push forward a decolonial approach to foodways in theory and in practice.


This program is made possible through the generous support of the Active Cultures Board of Directors; the Gatherers Annual Fund; and California Humanities. This program is also supported in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency.

Event Details

DATE: December 12, 2021



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