Food Material: Carmen Argote & Andrea Gyorody

Artist Carmen Argote and curator Andrea Gyorody connected online to discuss Carmen’s newest film and printed works, and the metabolic, reflective process of “digesting the city” through her walking. Carmen has often used food as material in her practice; in this conversation she articulates the unexpected nexus of conditions underlying and informing her current projects, which bring together the mundane and the celestial; waste and language; energy and digestion.

About the Artists

Carmen Argote
Carmen Argote is a Los Angeles-based artist, whose recent solo exhibitions have been held at Visual Arts Center, University of Texas, Austin (2020); New Museum, New York (2019); PAOS, Guadalajara, Mexico (2019); Ballon Rouge Collective, Istanbul, Turkey (2019) and New York (2018); Instituto de Vision, Bogota, Colombia (2018); Panel LA,...
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Andrea Gyorody
Andrea Gyorody is an independent curator, editor, and critic. From 2017-20, she served as the Ellen Johnson ’33 Assistant Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Allen Memorial Art Museum at Oberlin College, where her exhibition Afterlives of the Black Atlantic (2019-20), co-curated with Matthew Francis Rarey, received a...
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About the Series

Food Material is a series organized by Active Cultures’ former curator Bianca Morán that explores how foodways provide a window into our most fundamental beliefs about cultural expression, equity, environmental sustainability, and ourselves. 

In the ongoing series Food Material, artists and food practitioners share ingredients and material on their minds and in their lives, diving deep into their histories and meaning today. These conversations in the studio (and sometimes kitchen) often include friends and special guests, addressing how ingredients can take us from cooking-in-quarantine to questions of scarcity or accessibility, as well as the confluence of food and art-making.


Food Material was made possible in part through the generous support of the Active Cultures Board of Directors; Founders Circle members Mehran and Laila Taslimi; and the Wilhelm Family Foundation.

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DATE: June 28, 2020



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